Residential healing programmes for survivors of childhood trauma and abuse

Everyone has the right to heal

About Us

Heal For Life

The Heal For Life programme and therapeutic model  was developed in Australia and has been running in its current form since 1999. Over 9,000 people have attended a ‘healing week’ since then and a four-year longitudinal study found that 90% of the people responding described it as either ‘life changing’ or ‘very positive’.

All of us in the UK volunteer 'team' running the weeks, are survivor of childhood trauma or abuse and have chosen to support survivors by offering the Heal For Life five day residential programme in the UK. 

We have all received training in the delivery of the healing model and most of us have tertiary qualification, . 

"I feel as if I've had more healing in 5 days than I have had in decades of therapy"

"The experience was challenging but enjoyable and transformative"

Past Guests

‘Healing Weeks’ in the UK

The programme has been running in the UK since 2013 and has welcomed over 150 guests to date.

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